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  • 27,99 €

    This little 3 branches candlestick is a classic of decoration. Its look and its shape make him ideal to decorate a room. Dimension: Diam 24 cm x Height. 26cm Material: silver nickel-plated brass Colour: Silver

  • 34,00 €

    This brass 5 branches candlestick covered with one layer of brass and then one of silver. It consists of a classical candlestick ideal to decorate your house. Dimension: Diam. 25cm x Height. 26cm Material: nickel-plated brass Colour: silver

  • 49,00 €

    This little candlestick with a 35 cm height is made of aluminium with a layer of silver brass Dimension: Diam 26 X Height 35 cm Material: aluminium nickel plated Colour: Silver

  • 43,00 €

    5 Branches golden candlestick Beautiful golden candlestick with 5 branches. This candlestick made of golden aluminium is a beautiful decorative element and it creates a warm and elegant decoration in your house. This golden candlestick measures 40 cm of height. Dimension: Length 30 cm X width 30 cm x Height 40 cm Material: golden aluminium Color: gold

  • 65,00 €

    This baroque silver aluminium is elegant. This 5 branches brings a beautiful decorative baroque touch to your house. Dimension: Diam 30 cm X Height 50 cm Material: Aluminium nickel plated Colour: silver

  • 100,00 €

    White Baroque Victoria candlestick 77cm This 5 branches white candlestick brings a decorative and luminous touch to your house. This white baroque candlestick is a romantic decorative element. This candlestick is entirely demountable allowing to store and wash it easily. Dimension: Diam 44 cm X Height 77cm Material: Aluminium Colour: White

  • 190,00 €

    Great silver Victoria candlestick to pose Great silver candlestick to pose. This beautiful candlestick brings a very warm touch to your house. This large format (1m 50 height) has 5 candle holders. This high candlestick decorates your house with elegance and originality). Dimension: Diam 50cm X Height 120cm Material: Aluminium nickel plated Colour: Silver

  • 30,90 €

    Beautiful glass transparent candlestick, 20 cm height. This candlestick decorates your room with elegance and modernity. Very design, this candlestick allows to place a candle in length, you can also use it as a table candlestick. Dimension: Height Material: glass

  • 133,00 €

    Dimension: Height 77cm Material: Aluminium Color: gold

  • 60,00 €

    Dimensions: Height 23/28/33cm Material: Metal Color: Gold

  • 33,00 €

    Dimensions: Height 23cm x diameter 10cm Color: Brown Material: Wood

  • 30,00 €

    Dimensions: H26cm x L23cm x W10cm Color: Gold Material: Aluminium

  • 15,50 €

    Dimensions: Length 6cm x Height 8cm Material: Aluminium Color: Gold

  • 33,50 €

    Dimensions: Height 23/30cm x diameter 8cm Color: Brown Material: Wood

  • 31,20 €

    Dimensions: Height 16cm x diameter 8.5cm Material: Metal Color: Gold

  • 32,50 €

    Dimensions: diameter 14cm x Height 10cm Color: Gold Material: Aluminium

  • 17,50 € 25,00 € -30%
    Reduced price!

    Dimensions: 54x7x13cm Color: Black and Wood Material: Metal and Wood

  • 17,43 € 24,90 € -30%
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    Dimensions: Height 15/20/25cm Material: Metal Color: Silver

  • 52,50 € 105,00 € -50%
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    Dimensions: 50x13x15cm Color: Wood Material: teakwood

  • 31,50 € 45,00 € -30%
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    Dimensions: Height 26/34cm x diameter 10/12cm Color: Brown Material: Wood

  • 42,00 €

    Dimensions: Height 30/40cm x diameter 7/8cm Color: Brown Material: Wood

  • 36,30 €

    Dimensions: Height 22/30cm x diameter 7cm Color: Brown Material: Wood

  • 16,50 €

    Dimensions: 13x13x19cm Material: Glass Color: Transparent

  • 21,00 €

    Dimensions: 13x13x28cm Material: Glass Color: Transparent

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